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I’m Shauna Geier, and I’m the proud owner of Happy Tails K-9 Training based in Watertown, SD. After a 14-year military career, I pursued my passion to help troubled canines and their owners. I offer Private Behavior Evaluations and Modification Training as well as Socialization, Obedience, and Educational courses. My education includes: CACTP (Certified Advanced Canine Training Professional), CCTBS (Certified Canine Trainer and Behavior Specialist), and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. 

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My passion for troubled canines began with my first 2 rescue dogs. I learned the impact behavioral issues can have on dogs and their owners' lives. Canines deemed "dangerous" or "vicious" are euthanized daily, majority of which could be prevented by training techniques and education. Lack of socialization from 3-20 weeks of age and improper use of punishment or reinforcement methods could have a devastating and permanent effect on a canine's behavior. Transforming a dog's mind from a fearful, insecure, or aggressive state to a confident, secure, and balanced one positively impacts canines and their families and can help prevent a dog from being euthanized.

We rescued Kyra (top) from a kill shelter in 2006. She was highly sensitive to sounds due to breaking her leg with a metal gate as a puppy. We began desensitizing her to high-pitch sounds as her fear to more sounds intensifed. She helped raise multiple dogs over the years, including our 4 sheperds until her passing in 2020 at the age of 14.

We adopted Zeus (bottom) in 2010 after noticing that he was extremely fearful of human and dog interactions. We spent 2 years habituating Zeus to both humans and dogs. He learned how to conquer agility courses at the age of 5, which increased his confidence. He cared for and cleaned dozens of foster kittens and our youngest 2 cats throughout the years before passing away in 2019 from lymphoma.



My husband and I have five dogs that we've rescued from different situations and had different behavioral issues. My husband and I spent a total of 2.5 decades in the military, so our experience and passion is in GSDs, Dutch Sheperds, and Malinois.  

Nigel, is a 4 year old, 90lb GSD. He had 4 owners (by the age of 2), and had severe toy (resource) aggression by the time we adopted him 1.5 years ago. He is now a confident boy and works with aggressive canines.

Marshal is a 2.5 year old GSD mix. He was in a shelter in Georgia and had been transferred from a Louisiana Shelter before we found him. He wouldn't approach people within 20ft when we first adopted him due to extreme fear. He became desensitized to humans through dog association. Marshal is extremely calm and poised during evaluations and helps me the most with aggressive, fearful, or shy canines.


Wyatt is a 2 year old GSD/Pitbull/Lab that we rescued from an Alabama shelter last year. Wyatt was reactive to high-energy and in-tact canines that approached his face. He's still being habituated. He helps with evaluations.


Benji is a 2 year old Malinois that we adopted from a rehoming situation. He was very reactive to canines and was sensitive to yelling and loud noises. He has grown the most of our boys. He's no longer reactive to canines and really enjoys playing with the highest energy dogs. He helps during evaluations.


Indiana was born in 2020 and surrendered to the GLHS. We adopted him in September, and he is the first Chihuahua we've owned. He helps me determine if canines have predation during evaluations. 






We offer group training  sessions multiple times a week from puppy to adult socialization, obedience classes, leash etiquette, and more. Click Book Online to view availability and register for classes. A deposit of $25 is required for online registration.

4-6 Weekly Group Training Sessions: $115-$150


Private Training is reserved for canines requiring specialized training for aggression, fear, or shyness. Training dates and times are flexible; however, an initial evaluation is required to determine the best options for you and your canine.

Evaluation: $45

60-min Training: $45-$50


Starting in January, we will offer weekly, educational classes for canine owners or potential owners. My goal is to answer basic to elaborate questions and concerns to educate and help owners and their canines. There will be weekly topics to begin the conversation.

30 min: $5| 60 min: $10



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